My name is Martiel Traczyk Beatty and I am a dreamer, a observer, an artist, a catalyst, a volunteer, an advocate, a silk screener, a graphic artist, a writer, a savvy blogger, a videographer, a teacher, and art coach.

I am a multirepreneur.

I hold degrees in Anthropology, French and Mechanical and Architectural Drafting. I have been working in fiber arts since 1986 and with graphic design, blogging and social media since 1998. I live and work in a home studio just outside Washington, D.C. on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Since 2011 Sewmantra has been bringing fun, eccentric and blissfully happy designs to life for people around the globe. Enjoy my entire line of art with utility and originality; you'll love now blissfully happy they will make you feel!