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Artistic Integrity

When Sewmantra Studios launched in October 2011 there was ONE SUPER IMPORTANT, BIG THING every customer benefited from - my artistic integrity. Below, I'd like to share with you what this means for you, how it makes you even more unique and how it ultimately shapes my business.

Artistic Integrity as Defined by Sewmantra:

At Sewmantra I will have consistency in my actions, values, principles, and creative endeavors. I promise to uphold my ethical responsibility to our planet by providing you the best eco-friendly and sustainably sourced products available. I will cherish you, my customers, by always communicating with you openly, honestly and accurately. My creative endeavors will take us to places I do not know, I recognize that wherever the path leads us - I will be guided by the value of customer love and admiration, the belief that artistic expression comes in many forms and all is equally accepted here. I respect all things and accept that there are many ideas in our vast and dynamic world. What I make is inspired by what I see and that is who I am; I will not compromise this position for financial gain. Lastly, I believe you should know this because it is who I am and why I do what I do.



Since 2011 Sewmantra has been bringing fun, eccentric and blissfully happy designs to life for people around the globe. Enjoy my entire line of art with utility and originality; you'll love now blissfully happy they will make you feel!